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Corner Lot is the leading independent, privately-owned real estate development firm in North Florida with business lines that include single-family,  multi-family, urban, and commercial development, as well as home construction. 



With an unconstrained and innovative approach to development, Corner Lot is developing exceptional collaborative relationships and bringing together a team of experienced, innovative real estate professionals to build a city and transform Northeast Florida into an emerging destination to call home, conduct business, and live life. Watch our reel to learn more!


Corner Lot Brings New Luxury Multifamily Community to Bustling Eastside of Jacksonville

After providing a final lunch service on Friday, June 17, 2022, the Florida Cracker Kitchen, located at 1842 Kings Ave., in San Marco began a transition into a creative new seafood restaurant concept. The historic...

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Corner Lot Acquires Summit Tower in Riverside

In a period of exponential growth and portfolio diversification, Corner Lot has acquired one of the most recognizable buildings in Jacksonville, The Summit Tower at 1000 Riverside Avenue in Jacksonville, Florida.  ...

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Corner Lot Launches Intuitive New Website with Streamlined Navigation, Ongoing Updates, and Additional Content

Coinciding with a period of exponential growth and diversification, Corner Lot launched a new website this week at that features a redesigned interface, streamlined navigation, and...

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